The Ingredients


Growing Old is Optional……Live agelessly

Longevity Q100 (LQ100) is a remarkable supplement that can aid in reversing aging from the inside out.  The research behind this anti-aging HGH releaser goes back decades and is well researched, well documented and internationally tested by the likes of Ronald Klatz MD, Daniel Rudman MD, Dr. Cass Terry MD and Edmund Chein MD.  These doctors are considered the Grandfathers of anti-aging medicine.  Although LQ100 is comprised of a stack of only 4 amino acids (and nothing else), due to the extensive research that went into uncovering the most synergistic blend possible, everyone from seniors to athletes,  boomers to zoomers and regular folks to the unwell can benefit by taking LQ100 regularly.


Each Capsule Contains:                     Daily Dose (3 capsules)

L-Arginine     125 mg.                       L-Arginine      375 mg.
L-Ornithine   125 mg.                       L-Ornithine    375 mg.
L-Glutamine  125 mg.                      L-Glutamine   375 mg.
L-Glycine        125 mg.                      L-Glycine         375 mg.
Total        500 mg.                             Total                 1500 mg.

  • Vegetable Capsules
  •  Pre and post production quality and purity testing
  •  Contains no animal products / vegan friendly
  • Crystalline formation for easy absorption


  • Take three (3) capsules daily on an empty stomach.
  • Best if taken twenty (20) minutes before eating or right before bed.
  • Do not take with other supplements to prevent the amino acids from binding to the      minerals. – Take 3 at once, or divide as desired (eg: 2 in the a.m. and 1 before bed, etc.)
  • Take with pure water or soda water (enhances absorption).
  • Avoid taking with mineral water to prevent the amino acids from binding to the minerals.

L-Arginine / L-Ornithine
These two amino acids are easier to understand when discussed together.  Ideally, they should be taken together as well, due to their synergistic and complementary roles in the human body.  Both increase HGH secretion in the body and have similar benefits to each other.

L-Arginine                                    L-Ornithine
BENEFITS                                         BENEFITS

  • Wound healing                           Wound healing from enhanced collagen prod.
  • Immune system                          Kidneys convert Ornithine to Arginine
  • Healthy cell division                   New research suggests Ornithine crosses the
  • Heart health                                     blood brain barrier and reduces anxiety – like
  • Mental acuity                                   behaviors
  • Exercise performance, stamina and strength
  • Circulation

    DECREASES                                        DECREASES

  • Skin damage                                    Ammonia levels in the blood caused by protein
  • Inflammation                                     breakdown
  • Blood Pressure                               – Liver converts ammonia into urea for removal
  • Effects of aging                                    by kidneys
  • Excess ammonia in the blood can cause lack of
    Energy, seizures and other symptoms
  • Ornithine is key in this entire process

    PRECURSOR TO:                                    PRECURSOR TO:

Nitric Oxide, which dilates the blood vessels    – Glutamine   when a person requires extra  blood to the tissues


 Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body.  It is produced in the muscles and distributed by the blood to the organs that require it.  Because the body uses substantial amounts of glutamine during stress, illness, injury and the like, supplementation to replace lost stores in the body is recommended.


  • Increases HGH secretion
  • Protects both immune and digestive system
  • Increases feelings of well-being
  • Improves memory, focus and concentration
  • Aids in healing Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Healing after surgery or injury due to the fact that 1/3 of the nitrogen needed for healing comes from stored glutamine


  • Body fat, supports new muscle growth
  • Muscle wasting during prolonged periods of stress, disease or overtraining
  • Cravings for sugar and alcohol


  • Needed to make other amino acids and glucose


 There is much to be said about glycine due to its involvement in so many functions in the body, including the muscle, the cognitive, the metabolic, the immune system, digestive and neurological systems.  Here is a short list of glycine’s benefits.


  •  Helps maintain lean muscle mass into old age
  • Promotes growth and function of joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Stimulates secretion of HGH
  • Feeds hungry muscle tissue and boosts endurance, strength and performance. Promotes probiotic balance and strength


  • Prevents loss of mobility and functionality in older adults
  • Prevents loss of cartilage in joints
  • Reduces neurological behavioral disorders, stress and anxiety by balancing electrolyte levels
  • Chronic fatigue and sleep disorders
  • Inflammation and free radical damage by increasing glutathione production
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar


  • Needed to manufacture bile, nucleic acids, creatine phosphate and more, to break down dietary nutrients
  • Helps form glutathione (master antioxidant and free radical scavenger)