Longevity Q-100

Longevity Q-100 with Happy Couple

Longevity Q-100 is an HGH releaser and is an amino-acid formulation developed from scientific research. This formulation was designed and tested for maximum HGH release. It stimulates your own Pituitary Gland to increase the release of your own Human Growth Hormone back up to levels that you experienced in younger years.

90 Capsule Longevity Q-100 Bottle.Its Free-Form and Vegetable Capsule Nature ensures fast and complete digestion. Quality control guarantees purity.  Longevity Q-100 is manufactured exclusively for Healthnet Products Inc. by one of Canada’s finest pharmaceutical companies that is fully licensed by Health Canada.  Longevity Q-100 is the most effective and best valued HGH releaser on the market today.

Longevity Q-100 offers you the potential to raise the levels of your own HGH to levels that you previously achieved – this means a return to a state of more youthful vigor and vitality.