Dr.Daniel Rudman Discovery

older-lady-with-bottleDaniel Rudman, MD, at the Medical College of Wisconsin, shook the medical world when his studies on HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990. In his report, he announced that men aged 61-81 had reversed up to the equivalent of 20 years of aging in six months with human growth hormone therapy.

Dr. Rudman, an endocrinologist from Madison, Wisconsin, was the first pioneer on human growth hormone replacement therapy in adults. He started his work in 1985. He studied 26 adult men between 61-81 who experienced significant changes in body composition. All the men gained an average of 8.8% in lean body mass while losing 14% of their body fat. Since that time, many physicians in the USA and abroad have had remarkable results using human growth hormone.