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The Amazing Scientific Evidence Supporting Longevity Q-100 as the most effective Human Growth Hormone Releaser

Everyone grows older chronologically at the same rate; however, we have all witnessed that people ‘age’ at different rates. Aging may be defined as occurring when the rate of cellular destruction and damage exceeds the rate of cellular replacement and repair. A variety of studies have shown that increased HGH levels in your blood trigger other hormones to do cellular repair work in your body. In particular, the insulin-like growth factor -1 hormone (IGF-1) is responsible for much of this repair.

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 or (IGF-1) is the body’s hormone that is activated by your pituitary gland’s release of your own Human Growth Hormone. IGF-1 travels throughout the body repairing and replacing your body’s damaged cells. Its measurable presence in your blood is a direct indication of the amount of HGH in your system and the amount of cell repair and replacement that is taking place. Therefore, it is also an indication of the improving state of your health The great advantage that Longevity Q-100 has over some other HGH releasers involves its effectiveness, its safety and its purity.

happy-couple-bottlesLongevity Q-100 is very effective as an anti-aging supplement because it encourages an increase in the release into your body of your own HGH from your own Pituitary Gland. This formulation increases Insulin-like Growth Factor-1  activity in your blood.

It is safe because Longevity Q-100 is an amino acid formulation that does not contain any HGH or any foreign obtained HGH obtained from unknown sources; therefore, there is no risk of importing unknowns from other sources of HGH into your body. Because Longevity Q-100 contains no HGH, that risk is eliminated.

The purity of our product increases that safety level. Longevity Q-100 is manufactured exclusively for Healthnet Products Inc. by a world renowned Canadian Pharmaceutical company that has earned the highest safety ratings given by Health Canada. Thus Longevity Q-100 = Effective and Safe Cellular Repair.

Stacking of Amino Acids

Ronald Klatz, research medical scientist and author of “Grow Young with HGH” states that there is a reason to believe combining arginine, glutamine, ornithine and lysine will have a synergetic effect. Giampapa, medical director at Longevity Institute International, in Montclair, N.J., has followed the beneficial changes that growth hormone agonists have made in hundreds of age related GH hormone deficient individuals. Based on his research he recommends the above amino stack. He concludes that it will make a noticeable difference in the increase of growth hormone secretion,

Scientific Conclusion

Physicians world-wide now consider the aging condition as a biological process that can be modified and improved. It is possible to reverse aging and to dramatically improve all aspects of health, vitality and longevity. Until now, improving one’s level of HGH has been available only by injections and limited to only very wealthy people. There are now several products that are HGH Releasers available on the market. Longevity Q-100 has been shown to be the most effective product in encouraging HGH release and to raise one’s level of human growth hormone to youthful levels. It is now available at a very moderate cost. Longevity Q-100 is the best natural way to increase the level of your own human growth hormone.

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