What does Longevity Q-100 do?

Longevity Q100 induces and stimulates the pituitary gland to release more Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Each person is born with enough HGH to last a lifetime but the secretion diminishes significantly as one ages.  That commences in the mid to late twenties.  By the time one reaches fifty or so, there is little to no secretion of HGH occurring.

What is human growth hormone?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is the master hormone in the human body.  It regulates and determines the activity of all other hormones, so that keeping one’s HGH at optimum levels is very important to achieve abundant health and anti-aging benefits.

HGH releasers are supplements that promote healthy levels of HGH in the body naturally.  HGH delivers nutritional and neurotransmitter support that stimulates the body’s release of its own HGH from the pituitary gland to reverse the signs of aging from the inside out.

Does Longevity Q-100 contain human growth hormone?

No. All four ingredients in Longevity Q100 are conditional amino acids.  They are manufactured in the body only under ideal health conditions.  Stress, lack of sleep, lifestyle, diet, EMF’s, illness and disease curtail the production of adequate amounts of them.  These amino acids are essential to achieve optimum health and to reverse aging from the inside out.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein needed for growth in children and for the proteins needed to build, restore and repair tissue that forms organs, joints, muscles and neurotransmitters. Amino acids can be categorized as essential (the body cannot produce them, they must be ingested daily), conditional (see Question 3) or Non-Essential (the body produces them on its own in adequate amounts.  Every amino acid has its own, unique “job description” or purpose within the body.  Amino acids can be combined, therefore, to achieve a specific and predictable result.  Longevity Q100 is one such synergistic formulation.

I have heard something about the Lazarus Effect. What is it?

This is a phrase coined by Dr. Ronald Klatz and his international colleagues to describe how the elderly literally “come alive” after taking an anti-aging releaser such as Longevity Q100 for a few months.  Gone are the vacant stares, the non- responsiveness, absentness and shuffling gate, which are the hallmark of a large percentage of the elderly.  It was, literally, as if they had received a personality transplant.

Why is it necessary or important to take Longevity Q100?

As discussed throughout this website, LQ100 is a tremendous agent in reversing aging from the inside out.  It is important to remember that as one ages, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract atrophies and can become overgrown with scar tissue.    This means, literally, that a person can become increasingly more malnourished, even while eating a healthy diet.  By reversing the effective age of the GI tract one can be certain of greater nutrient absorption and therefore, better overall health.  LQ100 is an effective ally to insure that one benefits from the maximum absorption of nutrients from both foods and supplements.