Understanding Aging

Why do we age? The longevity of humans has been increasing over the last century and a half for a variety of reasons including better living conditions plus improvements in medicine...


Why take Longivity Q-100

Longevity Q - 100 is designed to help in cellular rejuvenation and repair. This formulation encourages our pituitary glands to secrete more of our own human growth hormone that...


Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Statistics indicate that adults in developed countries are living longer. In the U.S. a century ago, life expectancy was 48 years for men and 51 years...


Help Your Body Fight the Effects of Aging

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What can you expect?

The amino acids in the Longevity Q–100 formulation have been shown to increase HGH levels.  Those who have increased their HGH levels, report noticeable changes including:

  • A significant increase in energy
  • A sounder deeper sleep
  • Noticeable fat loss
  • Muscle firming and strengthening
  • A decline in joint and muscle soreness
  • Improved skin and facial appearance
  • Improved hair color and texture
  • Improved sex drive and sexual endurance
  • A more positive mental attitude
  • Increased ability to handle stress
  • Improved mental clarity
  • An improving immune system.

Prevent Premature Aging

Doctors world-wide recognize that aging is a treatable condition.

  • Aging results because your aging body cannot repair or replace your body’s cells fast enough to keep pace with the normal damage and deterioration of your body’s cells.
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is the master hormone in your body responsible for cellular repair.  Its secretion from your Pituitary Gland naturally diminishes, as you get older.
  • LONGEVITY Q–100 is an HGH Releaser; it encourages your Pituitary Gland to release more of your own HGH. The result is more cellular repair and a reduction in many of the symptoms of aging.

Longevity Q-100

90 Capsule Longevity Q-100 Bottle.